Welcome to the XenSummit 2022 Design Session Scheduler

Design sessions are one of the most fruitful aspects of XenSummit. Anyone can propose a topic, even as the conference is going on, and interested people can get together to discuss it and hash out solutions.

However, scheduling them so that everyone has the opportunity to go to the sessions they'd like to is difficult. In the past this was done with post-it notes on a whiteboard. But for the last few years, we've decided to have a computer do the work for us.

The basic idea is:

  • Anyone who wants to proposes a topic
  • Everyone goes through the list of sessions and says how much they would like to attend
  • The session scheduler looks for a schedule which maximizes people's preferences

Furthermore, people are encouraged to submit new long-form talks by adding the [TALK] to the title of the session

To get started, register your account by click the button below. You'll need the verification code to register. Contact George Dunlap for more information.

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