Welcome to the XenSummit 2024 Design Session Scheduler

Design sessions are a valuable part of XenSummit, allowing anyone to propose topics and discuss them with other interested attendees.

However, scheduling these sessions can be challenging, as everyone wants the opportunity to attend their preferred sessions. Previously, this was done using post-it notes on a whiteboard, but now a computerized system is used.

The process involves the following steps:

  • Anyone interested can propose a topic.
  • All participants review the list of sessions, indicating their interest in attending each one.
  • The session scheduler optimizes the schedule to accommodate as many preferences as possible.

Participants can also propose long-form talks by adding [TALK] to the session title.

To participate, simply register your account by clicking the button below. You'll need the verification code to register. Contact Kelly Choi or Evi Harmon for more information.

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