resource allocation for guests
Owner: jbeulich
Time: Wed 9:55 AM 21 Sep +0100 (Europe/London) Final
Location: Cambridge (5th floor #500)

At present we’re following a hybrid model: Some resources are allocated at the time guests are created, while others are allocated only at the time the guest actually wants to use certain functionality. Deferred allocation obviously comes with the risk of needing to fail guest requests when resources aren’t available at the point in time when they are needed. Otoh allocating resources at guest creation time may mean a perhaps significant waste of resources, if a guest then never makes use of those resources.

An attempt to defer the allocation of certain grant table resources faced opposition by a member of the community, unfortunately without any apparent willingness to reach some form of consensus. Therefore I’d like to make an attempt here to establish a general policy, which - over time - all resource use by guests should then follow.

Obviously a middle ground could be to support both modes of operation (controlled by global or per-guest settings), yet it would then be questionable whether the resulting complexity is worth it.