Status of the Dom0 IPv6
Owner: bernhardkaindl
Time: Sat 1:40 PM 24 Jun +0200 (Europe/Prague) Final
Location: Room 4.1

I’d like to invite a discussion about Dom0 IPv6:

So far I was able to understand that these parts are involved: - Dom0’s network configuration - IP address setup: Static IPv4/v6 addresses, DHCP, DHCPv6, IPv6 neighbour/router discovery, - DNS servers serving IPv4 and IPv6 addresses - Dom0 Firewall setup - host-installer (Patches submitted by Vates / Benjamin Reis) - xsconsole (Patches submitted by Vates / Benjamin Reis)

  • XAPI: Talking to Edwin, it seems like XAPI should use IPv6 or IPv4 for speaking on beween the all the XenServer/XCP-ng pool, not dual-address.

Storage backends: - iSCSI: It seems iSCSI filers may respond with multiple addresses and might respond with a mix of IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. I heard might it be a good idea to prefer either IPv4 or IPv6 for multipathing, as one IPv4 and one IPv6 address may use the same path?