Enhance the community test framework by the Arm internal Gitlab CI
Owner: HenryWang
Time: Sun 4:35 PM 25 Jun +0200 (Europe/Prague) Final
Location: Conference Hall

Internally at Arm, we have finished the PoC of migrating Arm internal Xen CI from Jenkins to Gitlab. The Arm internal Xen CI is made up by (1) Xen build for x86 and different Arm platforms, (2) XTF build and run for x86 and Arm, (3) Yocto build for different x86 and Arm profiles, (4) Yocto XTP build and run on different x86 and Arm platforms, and (5) Misc purpose jobs such as finding erratas. Since Gitlab CI is now also an important part of the community testing framework, this design session is to discuss the possibility to upstream the Arm internal CI to the community, find the problems we might face during the upstream process, and see if we can come up with solutions to these problems.