Xen Adventures in Edge Computing
Owner: stacktrust
Time: Thursday 11:55 Final
Location: Gallery 2/3, 5th Floor

Since Xen's origin in cloud computing, the bare-metal hypervisor has been applied to desktops, network middleboxes, vehicles, aerospace, accelerator, graphics and other "edge" applications. Vendors have applied Xen in a range of system architectures, for performance, security, safety, reliability, power and other axes of optimization.

In long-lived business workflows at the power-constrained edge, domain-specific Xen and guest configurations have different priorities than general-purpose Linux distributions and cloud platforms. As each vendor's product team earns hard-won platform lessons in their domain, how can reusable knowledge be shared with Xen, guest and hardware developers in neighboring domains?

Until now, the answer has been fragmentation of the Xen ecosystem, with Xen Summit bridging some gaps. Can we borrow from the anti-fragmentation techniques of the KVM community, including the rust-vmm "building blocks" approach employed by RedHat, AWS, Google and Intel? Can OSS subsets of code, config, policy, build and test infrastructures can be shared by multi-domain, Xen-based embedded products?

If you are working with Xen in unusual applications, this session may be of interest.