Multi-domain build system
Owner: andr2000
Time: Thursday 3:45 Final
Location: Gallery 1, 5th Floor

There are multiple build systems proposed to already available that target multi-domain builds suitable for use with Xen hypervisor in embedded systems. Still, at least since 2017, those do not really collaborate and there is no community driven solution exists.

Some time ago we at EPAM systems had a task to create such a tool for Automotive domain, that is how our Yocto-based xt-distro appeared.

After using in development environment xt-distro for some time we started facing some limitations of our build system, we are thinking about xt-distro v2.0 and would like to bring as many interested parties into the design and development as possible, so the whole community benefits. This design session will focus on xt-distro, its achievements, limitations and ways forward.