Community Issues / Improvements - Communication, Code of Conduct, etc.
Owner: Lars Kurth
Time: Thursday 1:40 Final
Location: Gallery 1, 5th Floor

This is a session in which a number of community related issues can should be discussed and agreed, for example

  • Do we need a Code of Conduct?
  • How can we make Xen Project more welcoming for newcomers?
  • How do we communicate better and more effectively on the mailing list
    • Feedback: we don't set expectations very well (e.g. around cover letters and in other areas)
    • We struggle with things such as bikeshedding
    • We don't seem to be good at resolving disagreements effectively (even though we have formal mechanisms in place)
    • Frequently communication on xen-devel@ comes across as unfriendly: is there a way to do this better? We don't have the same issues on IRC