[DESIGN SESSION] XenSockets past, present and future with Unikraft
Owner: nderjung
Time: Thu 4:15 PM 9 Jul Final
Location: Palatul Primăverii

XenSockets[0] provided PV OSes with a lightweight Inter-VM-Communication (IVMC) channel via shared memory region through a new socket family (`AF_XEN`). The design addressed the overhead incurred by additional processing via the TCP/IP stack and required minor adaption to existing codebases. Since then, the development of Unikernels has allowed for an order of magintude number of VM guests on a single tenant compared to traditional monolithic OSes which has leld to new usecases requiring such lightweight communication mechanisms. In this design session, we invite an open and collaborative discussion on: * the design and implementation within the Unikraft SDK[1] to provide this socket abstraction in order to achieve IVMC of unikernels with minimal application alteration; * applications and their use cases for this communication channel; and, * comparisons against existing systems. [0]: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/978-3-540-76778-7_10.pdf [1]: http://unikraft.org