[TALK] Reliable Platform Security: Xen and the Fidelis Platform for Hardened Access Terminals (HAT)
Owner: dpsmith
Time: Wed 2:15 PM 8 Jul Final
Location: Palace of Parliament

At PSEC 2019, Apertus presented the Hardened Access Terminal (HAT) Security Architecture, based on principles of isolation and least privilege. HAT depends on hardware capabilities which are typically managed by hypervisors. While HAT is hypervisor agnostic, Xen Project's design for a flexible, independent, bare-metal hypervisor has made Xen the most advantageous hypervisor for implementing HAT. In this session Apertus will host discussion on the role of Xen in Apertus Fidelis Platform, a commercial derivative of OpenXT that is being extended to deliver the HAT Security Architecture. Fidelis will anchor a commercial ecosystem to build upon the principles of the HAT Architecture. Apertus is working with commercial partners and the Xen Project to architect features like TrenchBoot, DomB, and other HAT capabilities with Open Source Xen, while delivering an integrated solution with Fidelis as a commercially supported exemplar for the deployment of hardware-based security.