Using Gitlab MR for Xen
Owner: edwintorok
Time: Thu 7:45 PM 27 May +0200 (Europe/Berlin) Final
Location: Shanghai

The keynote mentioned that there was an experiment with using Gitlab MRs. At the XAPI project we exclusively use GitHub PRs for code submissions&review, so most OCaml contributors would more familiar with that workflow (Gitlab MRs should be fairly similar) than mailing list based patch review. I’d be interested in trying out the Gitlab MR workflow for oxenstored code. Some benefits of this workflow:

  • easier to track when/if a patch series gets merged, or whether it still has outstanding actions
  • continue discussion in same place when updating the merge request (instead of sending a vN disconnected from original discussion)
  • the ability to run a CI pipeline that at least checks whether it compiles (especially on less used architectures such as 32-bit)
  • being able to see surrounding code easily, not just the diff

Some drawbacks: