progressing of pending patch series
Owner: jbeulich
Time: Wed 9:00 AM 21 Sep +0100 (Europe/London) Final
Location: Cambridge (5th floor #500)

We’ve been repeatedly talking of the review bandwidth bottleneck that we’re having. We need to find a solution, as it is simply discouraging for people to sit on dozens or even hundreds of pending patches. While review bandwidth won’t magically appear, I think there are still ways to avoid long latencies in at least some cases, albeit these might be quite controversial (because perhaps lowering overall quality): - expire open objections if they’ve been responded to, and the person having voiced the objection doesn’t further respond - encourage people to look at patches despite open objections, especially if these didn’t come with sufficient technical detail and/or weren’t “actionable” in the first place - waive the need for a 2nd party’s agreement after a certain amount of time (might primarily affect maintainer patches, but could be extended to everybody’s submissions) - require maintainers to do a certain amount of reviews to retain their maintainer status (I don’t really like this, not the least because it’s easy to forge and/or hard to measure as to what a “certain amount” is, plus we can’t really afford losing maintainers)

One of my observations is that as long as patches aren’t committed, there is, in a way, little incentive to actually look at them (apart from reducing the pile). Once they’ve gone in and if there is an issue with them, feedback tends to suddenly appear.