[TALK] R82 and R52 upstreaming plan
Owner: ayankuma1
Time: Mon 1:40 PM 26 Jun +0200 (Europe/Prague) Tentative
Location: Hallway

  1. Discuss with Arm and reviewers (Stefano, Julien, Bertrand, Michal) what is the best way for upstreaming (R82 and R52). https://github.com/Xilinx/xen/commits/xlnx_rebase_4.17?before=d1258f1cefe406a3f91237b8106746c089864651+70&branch=xlnx_rebase_4.17&qualified_name=refs%2Fheads%2Fxlnx_rebase_4.17

Come up with the best plan going forward.

  1. Discuss about “[PATCH v1] xen/arm: arm32: Add support to identify the Cortex-R52 processor”

  2. Demo if time permits