Improving Code of Conduct
Owner: kechoi
Time: Thu 9:00 AM 6 Jun +0100 (Europe/Lisbon) Final
Location: AUGUSTA

Code of Conduct is important to everyone, especially in an open source community. While our policy works, there are always ways to improve clarity and make changes that contribute to a better environment. This has been indicated in our recent Xen Annual 2023 survey.

Although it may seem pretty clear to most people how our code of conduct works, we should ensure there isn’t much room for ambiguity.

This session will:

  • Give us the time to address common questions and misconceptions about the policies.

  • Outline the procedures for reporting violations of the code of conduct.

  • Discuss the range of consequences for different types of violations, from warnings to termination. (Currently, other open source projects enforce consequences, but The Xen Project does not have guidelines)

  • Provide specific examples of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors to illustrate the policies clearly.

  • Defining these examples so that we can input this into our Code of Conduct examples for future reference.

  • Discussing what is/isn’t a Code of Conduct issue.

By the end of the session, community members should have a thorough understanding of the code of conduct, feel confident in the processes for reporting violations, and recognise the importance of adhering to these rules for better project collaboration.

*Any changes to the Code of Conduct will still be subject to a project wide vote, but the session gives everyone a chance to voice their concerns and opinions.