A common codebase for guest utilities, defined and shared with Xen downstreams
Owner: stormi
Time: Thu 12:00 PM 22 Sep +0100 (Europe/London) Final
Location: Fitzwilliam (5th floor #501)

In what follows, I’m calling guest utilities, or guest tools, the set of userpace utilities and/or daemon that can run in a Linux (or *BSD) VM, usually with a mission that mainly consists in reporting data to the host through xenstore: what operating system is running, IP adress, metrics…

XCP-ng and Citrix Hypervisor provide tools called xe-guest-utilities (that comes with some legacy and could probably be done better now), and other Xen downstreams may provide their own tools (I think AWS and QUBES do, for example).

The goal of this session is to discuss the possibility of a common codebase for the tools used by various downstreams, that we would then encourage generic Linux distributions to package and possibly to install when Xen is detected.

We want to discuss the needs around these guest tools from all parties, the opportunity for creating a common codebase maintained with Xen downstreams and contributed directly to the Xen project, technical aspects, and how to work together.